This course covers the more advanced areas of technical analysis, as well as the critical area of money management, both in detail. It is a practical course, designed to help the trader/investor learn the mechanics of trading with technical analysis, including stop-loss placements, profit-target setting, and position-sizing.

  1. Relative Strength Analysis:
    E.g. How to find the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors

  2. Stage Analysis:
    Know within minutes what stage of a move the price is in, and where it will go next.

  3. Advanced Studies:
    Candlesticks (in detail, and practical)
    Point & Figure Charting
    Fibonacci Studies
    Elliot Wave

  4. System Development and Evaluation:
    Trading system vs. methodology
    The elements of a good system/method
    System testing, optimisation, robustness.
    What to look for in a test - choosing from test results
    Scanning for tradable opportunities (mainly stocks)
    Choosing a software package

  5. Money (Risk) Management:
    Stop losses:
    - importance of
    - different types
    - Maximum Adverse Excursion (MAE)
    - most recommended types.
    Drawdown analysis: % required to re-coup losses
    Money management (position sizing):
    - total account risk
    - % risk per trade
    - 16 crucial risk management guidelines for successful trading.
    - Risk/Reward Ratio

Cost: R2 600 per person.
Duration: 9 hours.


  • How to find, literally within minutes, which stocks to buy on pullbacks, and which to avoid. (And which to sell short on bounces, and which not).

  • Know which stage of a market cycle any market/stock is in, and what you should do about it (i.e. buy, sell, hold, or sell short).

  • An accurate way to find price targets on any instrument and on any time frame.

  • An accurate method to know at the start of each year, what is likely to occur that year on the market.

  • The correct way to use candlestick charts to identify the end of a trend (or the start of a new one).

  • The only candlestick patterns you need to know (and ignore the rest).

  • Why most trading systems don't work. How to really know when you have one that does.

  • How to accurately know, weeks in advance, when a trend will change (it's often accurate to the day).

  • And a lot more...

There is no substitute for experience. Come and see how I apply technical analysis based on my 20+ years of experience using it.

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