(Techniques For Changing Destructive Trading Behaviour)

"Most professional traders agree that successful trading is 80% psychological and 20% methodological."

Colin Abrams hosts a practical course on Trading Psychology for traders/investors wishing to improve their trading skills and discipline. This is a one-day course given by Colin who, despite being a professional trader, and technical analyst, is also a registered industrial psychologist. With his knowledge of both trading financial markets and psychology, he is well positioned to help traders better manage their emotions and improve their discipline, patience and self-control while trading. The course is practical. It looks at specific techniques for overcoming mental traps, self-defeating beliefs and emotions, and how to change any destructive trading habit.

  1. Mental Traps:
    - 14 traps - knowing yourself and your emotions
    - Recommended solutions
    - Psychological trading checklist

  2. Contrary Opinion/Crowd Psychology
    - When to be a contrarian, and when not

  3. Making a Business Plan:
    - 5-step procedure

  4. Record Keeping:
    - The Trader's Log

  5. Personal Beliefs, Emotions, and Techniques for Changing Behaviour
    - E.g. beliefs of winning traders vs. losing traders; inner conflict; focus (...and a lot more).
    - Behaviour modification exercise (change any negative trading behaviour).

  6. Daily Schedule
    - Practical plan of action

  7. Miscellaneous
    - Choosing a Broker/Online Broker
    - Flow Chart of Trading Process
    - Classic Trading Rules
    - Essential reading and recommended websites

  8. ...And more

Cost: R2 600 per person.
Duration: 8 hours.

Note: This course is crucial for achieving success in the market. It is the most important of the three courses.

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