Analysis Report is a stock market advisory service for traders and investors alike. It uses technical analysis (or "charting") as its primary method of forecasting the financial markets.

Technical Analysis forecasts market and price direction by focusing on the price action itself, as well as the underlying volume. Repeatable price patterns, once identified, allow one to profit from them consistently, on an ongoing basis.

We offer two newsletters:

  1. weekly analysis report (Mostly for short and medium-term traders).

  2. THE BIG PICTURE monthly newsletter (For medium and long-term players).


  1. To help traders and investors make money in the financial markets. (This is achieved by offering independent and precise market advice. You will always be aware of what's happening on the market, and what to expect next).

  2. To help traders and investors avoid losses in the financial markets. (By being warned of significant trend changes, such as major market declines ahead of time, and as they happen).

  3. A secondary, but important benefit is the educational value. (Traders will learn: How to apply technical analysis to the market, different trading methods, and, refining their existing skills - like knowing when to enter, setting stop-losses and profit targets).


Independent, Unbiased Analysis: Analysis Report is independent. All recommendations and forecasts made, therefore, are objective and unbiased.

We do the research for you.

Each weekly issue of Analysis Report (weekly) contains:

  • Recommendations on South African, US and other overseas stock market indices, with clear analysis and strategy shown on the chart.

  • Recommendations on South African index stocks (blue-chips), with clear analysis and strategy shown on their charts.

  • A chart of a JSE small-cap stock - with clear analysis and strategy recommendations.

  • The recommended strategy for each of the top 60-70 stocks on the JSE, as well as updates of prior recommendations.

  • The strongest index stocks in the JSE Top40 and Resources 20 indices relative to the JSE All Share Index.

  • "Shortable" index stocks, stock indices, currencies, and commodites for futures, CFDs, and put warrant traders.

  • Gold sector analysis (SA gold shares and the gold price).

  • Educational insight into trading methods and applying technical analysis to charts.

  • ...and more

"I've done well so far this year and your comprehensive analyses you offer is excellent and made me some good money. I subscribe to a few of these letters and yours definitely stands out as the best." (Dec. 2014).
Eddie Horn, Cape Town


"Whooow is all I can say. This is the best report covering all aspects in the local and global markets that I have come across in 25 years. Your exact targets are priceless. Your guidance is worth every penny. I have already got my long term sub back within 2 days by not reducing my equity based on my first report. Keep up the good work in the reports." (Apr. 2015)
Danie V., Centurion