This course covers the fundamental tools and chart patterns of technical analysis (in an in-depth manner). It is a practical course, which includes demonstration of stop-loss placements and profit-target setting. All charting examples are demonstrated on current charts. Even though this course is an introduction to technical analysis, many subtleties are looked at, and participants will gain a substantial amount of knowledge. Also, how to combine different technical tools at the same time, is demonstrated throughout. (Participants who claimed to know the basics of technical analysis beforehand, found they learnt a substantial amount from this course. Therefore, suitable for beginner and advanced traders alike). A number of trading systems are also given.

  1. Market Basics:
    Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis
    Dow Theory - and Dow Theory buy/sell signals
    Market Averages: major overseas indices
    JSE averages

  2. Asset Classes:
    Brief intro to shares, futures, warrants, options, currencies, bonds, unit trusts (15 mins).

  3. Charts:
    Bar charts
    Daily/Weekly etc.

  4. Trend:
    Support & Resistance
    Reversal Days

  5. Reversal Patterns:
    Including price target projections, importance of volume etc.

  6. Continuation Patterns
    Including price target projections, importance of volume etc.

  7. Volume:
    Volume: confirming the trend or not
    Open Interest

  8. Technical Analysis Tools:
    Moving Averages
    Oscillators - Stochastics, RSI, Macd, etc.

Cost: R2 600 per person.
Duration: 8 hours.


  • The very best time to buy stocks - based on just one indicator. (This is based on my 20+ years of technical analysis experience).

  • A trading (or investing) system that works well on all markets, and on all time frames.

  • The single most reliable chart pattern in the whole book.

  • The most explosive chart pattern in the whole book. Profit every time from it.

  • How to know when a trend has changed.

  • The most reliable way to use oscillators. Make money off this particular signal almost every time.

  • The best way to use moving averages (most people get this wrong). And how not to use them (this will surprise you).

  • And a lot more...

There is no substitute for experience. Come and see how I apply technical analysis based on my 20+ years of experience using it.

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