SA’s largest stockbroker, on its platform offers equities, CFDs, single stock futures, warrants, options and the full range of Safex products.  They also have a comprehensive overseas offering via their Webtrader platform, backed by the Standard Bank of South Africa.

Standard Bank is offering my clients reduced rates of 0.2% for CFDs and 0.25% for regular listed equities. OST has consistently been ranked in the number 1 or 2 spot of top brokers in SA. (Furthermore, these rates are further negotiable depending on size and frequency of transactions).

Clients who open a stockbroking account at OST will have access to all the regular benefits they offer their clients, such as their research and regular educational webinars/seminars.

In addition, I will also offer value-adds as per this link:
Clients will also be able to trade and view their accounts using the OST phone app, tablet app or IRESS investor trading, or phone in to their execution Desk to speak to a live trader.

Standard Bank does also offer a full range of overseas instruments, through their Webtrader platform and special rates are being negotiated there as well. Here your money is actually converted into offshore currency ($1000 minimum to open an account).
You are able to trade the following on one platform:

  • Over 14,500 international stocks are tradable in 19 different countries on 27 exchanges,
  • Over  2,500 ETFs
  • Over 5,600 CFD’s over Stocks, ETF’s, Indices,
  • 160 currency pairs, and commodities.

To open an account at SA’s largest stockbroker, at the lowest brokerage rates available in the country, please email and we will send you the account opening forms.