The following is a selection of comments made by past attendees of our three courses:

"A real eye-opener. A must to attend for any prospective trader...all in all a brilliant course.".
Johan Potgieter

"Colin thanks alot for an excellent weekly newsletter and the coaching and shared experiences given to us some months ago at one of your training sessions. Nobody can go into trading without that kind of training. When [I] started trading I was very scared and did not know how it worked or what to expect, but now after 3 months of trading I'm earning 3 times the salary I used to earn every month."
Stefan Jordaan

"I'm suddenly seeing patterns and trendlines that I would never have found. (I came in with a fair amount of knowledge and left with a lot more)."
Graham Todd
Port Elizabeth

"Good value for money especially when compared to other courses. Excellent manual - easy to follow in a logical sequence. Many ideas on what not to do. Small class/individual tuition is advantageous. [Most valuable part was] psychology and money management. But also the best technical instruction I've yet seen. And [I'm] positive about being able to now become a winner."
Ken Rice
Howick, South Africa

"WOW! The courses exceeded my expectations. It did what was expected - covering a broad spectrum of technical analysis indicators, etc. However, it did more. It gave me a 'feel' of what stock trading is about. I was really amazed by the depth of knowledge and experience Colin has. I feel confident that with the tools and guidance from the workshop I?ll be able to be a more emotionally controlled trader, with a very good chance of finding and sticking to a trading system that works for me."
Eben de Wit

"Thank you for a fantastic course on Sunday. Hard to believe that I've been trading for such a long time in complete ignorance. Your course should be a pre-requisite prior to any trading."
Jan Steyn

"I would just like to thank you for the awesome course! I really learnt so much and it really exceeded my expectations."
Kashira Naidoo

"Your presentation was professional and to the point. It is clear that you have an in depth advanced knowledge of the technical analysis of the trading business, and you were not shy to share your expertise with us.

I do believe that I now, for the first time, fully understand some of the principles of trading which has eluded me since I started trading... The light at the end of the tunnel has changed from an inbound locomotive to an exit with blue skies. I am convinced that your explanations of the graphs discussed will have a profound positive impact on the success of my trading in the future.

I only wish we had more time to go through the course material, as every page was spellbinding to me."
Deon du Preez

"I must say that my trading has been going much better since I attended your courses in JHB. I attended a --- Bank course called' Advanced ---'. ..... (I must say that the course was not a patch on yours!)...."
Jane Hekster-Osborne

"Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this course, I really appreciate it and feel it was of great benefit and I believe it gave me more than my money back (otherwise at least saved me from further major losses :) And wow some incredible things you showed us today."
Ralph Speirs

"Thank you for making the effort to impart your tremendous knowledge in the sleepy hollows of Durban. I personally learnt more in 8 hours than I ever imagined..."
Raymond Hills

"The course is both well structured and insightful. In part one of the course my basic knowledge of Technical Analysis was greatly enhanced. The in-depth instruction in this section was pitched at exactly the right level enabling me to gain a much better understanding of the subject. Money Management covered in part two is such a simple aspect of trading but as most successful traders testify is vitally important and Colin's instruction has helped me adopt a structured approach to money management. The last part of the course covering Trading Psychology was really fascinating. Well done Colin on a great course!"
Michael Morton

"Thanks again for the courses this weekend they were mind blowing and really revolutionary. I feel a hundred times more confident..."
Francois Blom

"Excellent, especially the sections on trading psychology and money management. [I] received excellent feedback in all areas. Practical tools for running a profitable trading business. Colin is an excellent instructor. [Also] the manual is excellent, but one also gets personal instruction and feedback that is very insightful. I think this course will help me make money and save time"
Charles Taub
New York, NY. USA

"Very good. Very in-depth view of the three major areas (Technical Analysis, Money Management, [Trading] Psychology). ... it gave me a clearer understanding of principles that I do not know."
Michael Shore
Flemington, NJ. USA

"Been re-reading the 3 manuals - it was an excellent course/s and still 'learning' from it/them."
Brian McMahon
Johannesburg (May 2017)

"Just a short note to let you know what a great course you have. I have been trading for numerous years and it was the first time ever where I have realized, where my short comings in the world of trading is. I have been on numerous courses ([names withheld..] etc) to name a few and yours is head and shoulders above the rest. Why ??

  1. Because the course is given by some one who actually trades for a living (major difference to talk about money management and trading psychology, than to do it).
  2. The course covered the important aspects of trading - not all the glamour and easy money people are trying to make it out to be.
  3. The practical examples you gave on charts in current times were great! (On some of these courses they scan charts for the last 20 years and then show you something on a chart which is 10 years old.) We want to see examples on today's charts and also charts we know - like the Sasol and Alsi future charts you used. [Name withheld] used alot of cotton, wheat, T-Bonds charts, etc. We don't know those markets, so those examples do not have the same impact as examples on our market.
  4. The size of your group - being so small the inter action was so much better. I really felt like I've got value for my money. Try and keep it small.
  5. Very good manual (very professional).
  6. I think I can go on and list another 10 points but then it won't be a short note anymore."
Barney de Beer
Umbogintwini, South Africa

"Brilliant and excellent. I was very happy with the first course and very optimistic about this one (Trading Psyc.) and it exceeded my expectations. Even worth doing again. The Advanced course was excellent as well. Lots of brilliant information which is making one quite excited. Leaving with lots of new knowledge.... Thanks for a great course. Best money I've spent."
Martin Sam

"I want to make use of this opportunity to thank you for the three valuable courses we attended. We attended other technical courses from other companies, but your info was the best. My advise to all traders: Make use of all three courses."
Paul Cooper

Ken Noble
Cape Town

"Brilliant. I have been trading for 9 months and could not understand why I wasn?t making money. Spectacular winning trades were matched by equally spectacular losing ones. This course was the answer to all my questions. Comprehensive yet clear and concise, for both novices and experienced traders wanting to get 'the edge' on the markets. The section on the psychology of trading is an absolute must. Colin?s approach is very individualized and he offers practical solutions to the common barriers of successful trading.
Excellent course. Thanks, wish I'd done it sooner."
Dr Aslam Amod

"I just want to thank you so much for your courses. I thoroughly enjoyed them and am sure that my trading will turn around significantly now! I found that your courses are much more practical than some of the others I have done ie: you don?t just tell us to use stop losses but, actually show us how to! I would really be interested in any other courses you may be thinking of giving so please keep me on your email list."
Shelley van der Merwe

"The course is excellent with great depth, it covers areas I didn' even think of or realise were important."
Christian Watkins

"A very good, perhaps essential course for people who have had some months, at least, of trading. Well balanced. All parts [were] equally essential. I enjoyed the more practical side of analysis, trading method, and trading psychology. It affirmed my stronger points and highlighted weaker areas"
Gil Hardy
Norwood, South Africa

"[Recommended for] anyone looking to become a proper trader (as opposed to a "noise trader). [Furthermore] this is a great manual, it flows, it's got all the right ingredients"
Michael Berman, (hedge fund manager)

"Great course that really all comes together on the last day. The course probably concentrates on less popular parts of trading & more on the essential elements [that] people are less aware of. Great value for money".
Tim Gibson (Futures dealer)

"Informative and well presented. Has made me realise just how much hard work one needs to put in to become a successful i.e. there is no short cut to be successful in trading"
Martin Levin
Sunninghill, South Africa

"Well presented, and very informative. Learnt a substantial amount?"
Kamlesh Ranchhod (forex dealer at merchant bank)

"... there is no way to trade without this type of training...Thanks for all your trouble!"
Dr Ferdinand Postma
Pretoria, South Africa.

"Very good, excellent in concept, concentrates/highlights areas neglected by technical analysis books (money management & trading psychology). [It] exceeded expectations.

...It teaches about reality of trading, course participant will not have grand dream ideals but will be sobered (& therefore best helped by) the honest presentation & by learning the important aspects that he would not really seek to learn out of his own (ie. MM & Psychol)".
Stockbroker (name withheld on request)
Cape Town.

"Thanks again for the course(s). It was indeed informative. I found both sections (Money Management and Trading Psychology) very informative and the TA part did refresh some forgotten concepts. (I) most definitely (would recommend this course to others) and in fact I already have."
Joe Meyer

"Excellent. I don't think there is anybody that will give a better course...excellent information"
Mohan Morar

"I got value from the course on all aspects...the course gave much food for thought & I was not aware of all the different types of approaches there are"
Ezra Carlson,

"Your course added with the newsletter have helped me considerably and you seem to be calling it all right at the moment.
Great reading, thanks a million."
Heath Beckley

"Course is well structured. Very useful for beginner or intermediate. Keeping the group small allows for greater interaction. It is also reasonably priced given the time tuition. I found I was able to get something positive out of all sections, and not being a beginner and self-taught in the technicals I was able to fill in a lot of the gaps. Deals with the very important aspects of trading"
Brian Horwitz
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Excellent...Very detailed. Covers all aspects of trading"
Peter Marangellis
Bloemfontein, South Africa

"I found the course most interesting and enjoyable. The manual is very comprehensive and well laid out. Money management and trading psychology were most valuable. The course is very good and comprehensive"
Michael Wartenberg
Cape Town, South Africa.

"Excellent exposure to all aspects of trading... Thanks for the excellent course"
Rob Kruger
Cape Town

"Excellent!! Vital information!
I have friends who definitely need this kind of gap filling as well!"
Johan Hammes

"Excellent. All the important principles of TA, MM (Money Management) well presented and explained. (Most valuable part of Course Two was) stop-loss, money mgmt, and planning a trade! - excellent".
Dr Hendrik Vogel

"(Course One was) very comprehensive and well presented...and easily understandable. ...(Course Two was) Very good. Money management section was very informative. I will certainly look at my portfolio with a new insight... (The Trading Psychology was) excellent. All of the material (was valuable)...very informative and not easily obtained without massive amounts of reading. Course has all the relevant points covered."
Kevin Zlatkus

"Excellent. Has cleared a lot of misconceptions. Definitely (would recommend it) - clear presentation, well structured"
Charles Marais

"Very enlightening and helpful not only for trading but for general business purposes as well... All (was valuable), particularly the use of charts in relation to share prices and the use of stop losses and the importance of money management. The trading psychology aspect was very beneficial. (It) helps one overcome hidden obstacles to being successful. Found course very informative and wish we could spend longer on discussion but realise time does not permit".
Rob Woollatt

"Very Good! Covers all the important aspects of trading. Showed me my shortfalls
.....Yes! [I would recommend it to others]. One can only benefit from this course."
Mark Ormerod

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