Analysis Report is a stock market advisory service for traders and investors alike. It uses technical analysis (or "charting") as its primary method of forecasting the financial markets.

Technical Analysis forecasts market and price direction by focusing on the price action itself, as well as the underlying volume. Repeatable price patterns, once identified, allow one to profit from them consistently, on an ongoing basis.

Each issue of the weekly newsletter contains:

  • Analysis with accompanying charts on South African, US and other overseas stock indices, currencies, and commodities.

  • Analysis with charts on South African Top 40 Index stocks (blue-chips).

  • *NEW* - intraweek Market Updates if there's a significant change on the market before the next newsletter.

  • Small-Cap Chart - analysis on a small/mid-cap stock that's moving up, despite what the overall market is doing.

  • Notes and Updates - commentary on each of the top 50 stocks on the JSE with the recommended strategy for each, as well as updates on prior recommendations.

  • "Shortable" stocks, indices, and currencies - for futures, CFD, and warrants traders.

  • Relative Strength - the strongest Top 40 and Resi 20 stocks on a relative basis.

  • Gold sector commentary - the current strategy for SA gold shares, gold price, and rand gold price.

  • Educational insight into trading methods, applying technical analysis to charts, and converting technicals into money (eg. how to choose entry points, set stops, and profit targets on a chart). Therefore, you will not only be given market recommendations each week, you will also learn the skills of how to do it yourself.

  • ... and more.

We do the research for you.


"Can you please renew until end of Feb 2007. I can not live without it, and am addicted...... I would then like to subscribe on a annual basis from then."
Johan Gouws

"I really enjoy the weekly reports and by applying your advice have grown my portfolio by about 37% since the middle of December (ie. in five weeks). I can't believe how accurate your predictions are. Thanks for giving me new hope to succeed in the equity market."
Walter Mandemaker

"Thank you for an exceptional newsletter. It is clear, concise and unequivocal. It is the best that I have seen in my 25 years of investing/trading on the JSE."
Michael Friedman

"You advised at R160 that I should buy Implats, target R203. At some stages it took nerves of steel but you were right again... Then Naspers you said buy from R219 .... you gave 3 targets, it hit them with precision (R242 was one of them) Thanks AGAIN."
David Blaauw

"Just a word of thanks for covering USD/Rand in your report;the timing was perfect and the result/analysis spot on. Down here in Cape Town I know a lot of "fundamentalists" have gone long on the USD far to way up. Your view has saved me a packet - Being an importer it wasn't easy sitting still not to buy Dollars, but believe me the patience is going to pay off a lot of monies for my company. I await the reveral day up."
Dirk Theart
Cape Town

"I can't think of any other situation or business where I can get an individual with 20years of experience to work for me for R230 a month, its almost unbelievable."
Kamseelan Moodley
Durban North

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"Remember, just one or two trades from's Analysis Report will cover the cost of an entire year's subscription. Plus, you get to know where the markets, and individual stocks are headed - and what to do about it. Start making money consistently on the market.

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