The following comments have been received from subscribers of's weekly newsletter:

"Thank you for your newsletter. The information and tips contained therein are excellent and, to my mind, sometimes, borders on the uncanny. Your forward vision, especially in the last few, has proved to be absolutely spot-on. Your newsletter is one of the very best investments I have ever made. A very big 'thank you' for the fine effort that you are putting into producing it. I hope that you will be able to continue therewith for a long time to come."
Gideon Steyn

"Your advice and tips in your newsletters have been consistently excellent. The structured format you use is ideal for knowledge and trading skills transfer. I can't imagine a better training vehicle than your newsletters. Long may you continue to offer this service."
David Hedges

"Trying to be a part time trader has proven quite successful as Colin's weekly updates keep me sane and informed at the same time. I find the technical assessments spot on 90% of the time. I've has 8 successful trades over the last 2 months and have doubled my capital - thanks to Colin and the ever useful weekly publication."
Tini Kalan

"Whooow is all I can say. This is the best report covering all aspects in the local and global markets that I have come across in 25 years. Your exact targets are priceless. Your guidance is worth every penny. I have already got my long term sub back within 2 days by not reducing my equity based on my first report. Keep up the good work in the reports." (Apr. 2015)
Danie V., Centurion

"I just want to say thanks for such fantastic guidance over the last few weeks. Your input was so spot on it assisted me greatly to achieve my best 4 week gain ever!!!!!! Who says you cant trade a sideways market with brief rallies?" (Feb. 2016).
Danie V., Centurion

"I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on very accurate analysis. As a rule I do not pay much attention to market commentators, and mostly conduct my own research. I do however like to follow 1 or 2 analysts research and recommendations to benchmark my own performance by. I have always been very skeptical of traders claiming huge monthly or annual returns, but have in the month of August [2012] managed to grow my account by 18 percent by mostly following your advice. I don't expect to keep this up, but its certainly very impressive!"
Jean Ehlers
Cape Town

"I've done well so far this year and your comprehensive analyses you offer is excellent and made me some good money. I subscribe to a few of these letters and yours definitely stands out as the best." (Dec. 2014).
Eddie Horn
Cape Town

"I recently subscribed to the weekly market letter and recovered the annual subscription cost on my first trade. I bought amplats at R288 for the predicted bounce and closed out today at R309 for a tidy R3200 profit in a week and a half. Keep up the good work," (May, 2013).
Lawrence Horner

"I subscribe to your weekly and big picture newsletter. I must say have been really impressed with your calls. So much so that my wife has taken to the financial markets and is likely to take up full time trading next year. I see you have some courses coming up soon..."
Andrew Perkins

"Your column in the Finweek spiked my interest and I decided to subscribe to your newsletter. Since the start of my subscription in May 2003, I can happily report a 20% per month average return on my investments. I use your recommendations... I can say that your newsletter is one of the best places to start when selecting shares. Your excellent recommendations convinced me to attend your course on share trading. "
Heinrich de Jongh

"I use your TheMarket analysis report in my trading ...all the trades I did were based on your analysis."
Shaun Moss
(Winner of the Global Trader/Fin24 Trading Challenge in November 2005, with a 117% return in this one-month contest).

"Just to say thanks for an exellent weekly newsetter, the few rands that it costs a month was made up in the first day that I used your simple but very effective ways of trading. The first trade was on the 5/7/06 re a short on Edcon at below R30 and to buy (back) close to R26. How easy it can be - the profit was R10 000+ exiting on the 12/7/06. Same day I bought a long on Harmony near R110, the next day exiting at R117 for a profit of R5 000. I'm a fulltime trader homebased for the past 6 yrs and the insight and easy to understand ways with which u explain things makes it a joy to use. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Andre Olivier
Cape Town

"Thank you for an exceptional newsletter. It is clear, concise and unequivocal. It is the best that I have seen in my 25 years of investing/trading on the JSE."
Michael Friedman

"Great newsletter. Since joining nearly a month ago, I have read all the back issues as well, and then looked to see how the various charts have actually gone relative to your predictions. Most of the time, you are spot on.
I have read a lot in the past (both here and in the UK) and I must compliment you on the quality of your newsletter. The length of the newsletter is just right, the layout is excellent, your summaries and comment is well structured and properly motivated...
Your explanations of the charting terms and the charts themselves are geared at all levels of technical knowledge. i.e. you explain the terms and occurrences so that a layman can understand, but also in a way that a person with a greater level of knowledge gains further insight and does not become bored...
Thanks once again for producing a quality publication that is also value for money".
Darryl Humphris

"Thank you for an excellent service. How can one argue with 324% for the year?!!"
Johann Clur

"I'm very happy with the way you lay out your news letter and I've found nothing else like it on the market....Based on this weeks letter, I bought into a Harmony warrant yesterday at 106c and its now running at about 141c, thanks very much!"
Steve Benham
Cape Town

"I really enjoy the weekly reports and by applying your advice have grown my portfolio by about 37% since the middle of December ('05) (ie. in five weeks). I can't believe how accurate your predictions are. Thanks for giving me new hope to succeed in the equity market."
Walter Mandemaker

"Your newsletters are immensely rewarding and I look forward to them every week. My part time trading has turned profitable (despite the few bumps in the road, school fees, which I am so grateful that you coached me through) and we have just enjoyed a superb family weekend in the Midlands thanks to "The Market"."
Andy Thorvaldsen

"You advised at R160 that I should buy Implats, target R203. At some stages it took nerves of steel but you were right again... Then Naspers you said buy from R219 .... you gave 3 targets it hit it with precision (R242 one of them) Thanks AGAIN.
David Blaauw

"I have been following the market since 1980 and have subscribed to various "market letters" and advisory services over the years. And your service and market analysis is the BEST ever. My highlight of the week is Wednesday at 16h45 when you release your weekly letter. Please subscribe me for another 12 months."
Leo Colarossi

"I am extremely impressed with your newsletter! It is much more than I hoped for. I could'nt decide if I should subscribe between yours and [name withheld]'s, but I was and is very impressed with your analysis in FinWeek... I hope to put to good use your recommendation of only investing in the strongest shares in the strongest sectors and those making new highs.
I can only thank you again for the quality and amount of information in your newsletter. I hope to attend one of your courses later in the year. Keep up the good work!"
Dr Hendrik Vogel

"[Thank you] for the weekly market report. I cannot wait for Wednesdays to download the report. As I am still a novice there are a few things I still struggle with but I have already bought some Mustek and Lib-hold shares on the reports advice. I think the report is excellent."
Dr Ferdinand Postma

"I must say to you that I received much more than my money's worth from your news letters during the past year. I have been looking at shares for many years. I have tried many newsletters, mostly with little or very limited success. I have even tried to have my portfolio managed for me - with very dissapointing results. At the time when I stumbled on your service I had removed my funds from the market. I again committed a limited amount to the market on the strenght of your advice. This sum has now more than trebled. I partiularly like the feature 'Concerning recent recommendations'. I realise that a lot of effort and time goes into your newsletters but I just hope, and pray, that you will have the strength to carry on with this (to me) very valuable work."
Gideon Steyn

"I thought I would just let you know that I think the reports that you are giving in The Market are excellent and unbelievably accurate. I will certainly recommend your service to some of my other investing friends. Keep up the good work."

"The composition of your weekly Analysis Report 13/8/2008 was BRILLIANTLY accurate; every bit of detail very applicable making the week very successful for any trader I am amazed at the degree of accuracy in the forecast/predictions of the human behaviour relating to shares. Many thanks."
Dirk Theart
Cape Town

"I bought some MTN warrants MTNABA @19c after I got the previous market analysis. I always tried to make money BUT these last two months I was following your analysis and made plenty money as an "investor". I made R9,760 for the month. Not too bad for an oukie that's still learning."
Thanks a R9760 happiness!
Karel Beneke
Randpark Ridge

"Can you please renew until end of Feb 2007. I can not live without it, and am addicted...... I would then like to subscribe on a annual basis from then."
Johan Gouws

"I have started trading using your recommendations. The results have been good and I have moved into profit mode quite quickly. Your share selection suits my trading style just fine. Thanks for a great newsletter."
Eric Smith

"Your newsletter gives all the info required, saving me hours of searching, congrats on a highly informative presentation of the overall position of the markets".
Peter Dominion

"I recently subscribed to your service [six weeks ago] and went along with your recommendation to short Harmony and Brent Crude using cfds. Well with the profits I made from your suggestions, I have already covered my subscription with you for the year and had a sizeable amount left over to pay as a down payment for a holiday with my family.
This was the first trade I did with your recommendations.... first impressions count and I am suitably impressed.
Nirvan Singh

"Baie dankie vir jou Inligtingsbrief wat ek baie goed en leersaam vind".
Carel Olivier
East London

"The Market Newsletter is great and certainly one of the most informative and best I receive".
Nielen Schaefer

"Your course added with the newsletter have helped me considerably and you seem to be calling it all right at the moment.
Great reading, thanks a million."
Heath Beckley

"Thanx for the professional service. I like your style of analysis and I look at the market the same way you do. I appreciate the way you identify the targets for potential movements. The report saves me a lot of time analyzing the market and makes it possible for me to trade confidently."
Nicolaas Hanekom
Moorreesburg, Western Cape

"I will renew online. By the way.. thanks for your excellent advice, you've made many spot-on calls the last few weeks. I'm trading using Global Trader 247 and with gearing and the ability to take short positions I've made some great returns. Just this morning I bought on Sasol after reading your last report and it went over the R100 this afternoon and I'm R3000 up on that trade!"
Justin Stanford
Somerset West

"I think your letter is excellent. You explain your view nicely and simply and this should be very valuable...".
Kevin Shames
Johannesburg (hedge fund manager)

"Please renew my subscription on a monthly basis until further notice. Thanks for the Billiton summary - excellent. I will be doing the course you offer Feb/March in the new year".
Sean Hess
Port Elizabeth

"The weekly newsletter certainly assists my trading and I like the format".
Alan Shaw

"I must first congratulate you on an excellent program. I am a new customer to your site and find it excellent...Thank you for your time and good recommendations"
Dr Lourie Henn

"Your newsletter is terrific (especially when there is a late flash to act on)".
Cecil Sumner

"I have just gone through your latest report ( It is very good and we are finding all of the issues very usefull."
Port Elizabeth (Stockbroker)

"Dankie, ek het weer gister baie geleer uit die analise! ...Baie dankie weereens!"
Carol-Marie Jordaan

"May I compliment you on good is very clear, practical and user friendly."
Brendan Harmse
Halfway House

"I am enjoying your newsletters very much...The length seems to be just right. Although I do not yet use them for trading yet, I find all the items very interesting and I am sure they would be very useful once I am trading more actively".
Alwyn Hanekon

"Do like your product. Makes sense to me and its very useful."
B. Hulme
Cape Town

"Thank you for a wonderful, quality service. Your insights on the market are excellent and help one make an informed decision."
Ebrahim Asmal

"Your Market analyses are always great.... ."
Peter Riley

"Keep up the good work with newsletter. It really is great and I look forwards to Wednesday's. I have mainly concentrated on the DJIA since the start of January (due to time and capital constraints). Following your advices, I have given it a good caning".
Darryl Humphris

"Thank you for a wonderful, quality service. Your insights on the market are excellent and help one make an informed decision."

"Many thanks for a very well researched, thorough newsletter at f January (due to time and capital constraints). Following your advices, I have given it a good caning".
Darryl Humphris

"Thank you for a wonderful, quality service. Your insights on the market are excellent and help one make an informed decision."

"Many thanks for a very well researched, thorough newsletter at such a reasonable price."
Ken Noble

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